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Helping Build Your Athlete or Pleasure Horse From The Ground Up.


TERRAFLEX™ is a non-metal 100% polyurethane horseshoe. This material is known for its high performance properties such as abrasion resistance, tear resistance, slip resistance, durability, flexibility, load bearing and concussion absorbing capabilities far superior to plastic, rubber or metal.

TERRAFLEX™ horseshoes are designed to absorb most of the concussion caused by impact which can be a major contributor and cause of many hoof and leg ailments. The elasticity of the Polyurethane material minimizes hard impacts and reduces the risk of injury and strain. Our shoes encourages more natural flexibility and movement of the hoof, allowing the lower leg and hoof capsule to better cope with the rigors of exercise.


There are two different styles and three different densities or hardness. All densities of the shoes are suitable for everyday use and sporting activities as well as treating more advanced pathologies such as laminitis, arthritis and navicular. The design of the shoes and accessories gives the Farrier many options when shoeing the individual horse. The wide web of the shoe gives excellent coverage and by adding the insert, all over sole protection can be achieved.

Riders report a noticeable difference immediately in the horses movements upon changing to TERRAFLEX™, experiencing less jarring from the ground through the leg, shoulder and on up to the rider, making for a more comfortable riding experience.

TERRAFLEX™ horse shoes are well tested with thousands of competition miles. They allow the hoof to function in a more natural state while still receiving all of the protective benefits that a horse shoe provides.