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1. What Blue Pegasos shoes should I try on my horse?

Blue Pegasos recommends determining your shoe size by measuring the widest point of the hoof and after a trim is optimal. The Joint Saver (medium density) is typically where we recommend starting. If the hoof needs more support we would recommend moving to the Transition (hardest density) an example might be a horse with a thinner hoof wall or a horse directly out of steel that may not be acclimated to the hoof wall flexing. The horse may benefit from the Medic Blue (softest density) for riding on harder surfaces or when the horse has been used to being barefoot.


2. Does Blue Pegasos have shoes in a rear hoof shape?

No, our shoes are very versatile and can be trimmed to different shape while not losing the integrity of the shoe. The wider web of the shoe and the multiple nail grooves give the farrier many options for shaping the shoe to the hoof. Up to 5mm can be trimmed off the entire outer rim of the shoe and still maintain the correct size and fit.


3. Does Blue Pegasos offer bulk pricing?

Yes, please see our link on the bottom of the page for Price Breaks. 


4. Who are using Blue Pegasos shoes?

Blue Pegasos shoes have only been in the USA a short time and have become the shoe of choice for some of our top endurance riders. These shoes are great for any use where concussion is an issue. Our customers range from trail riders to eventers. 


5. Where can I learn more about Blue Pegasos shoes?

Contact us anytime with questions and also visit our Blue Pegasos USA Facebook page.