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Chris Martin/MONK

"MONK has been using the Terraflex shoes from Blue Pegasos for quite a few years now. he has done all of his important rides in them, 3 Top Ten at Tevis, etc. I like to keep MONK barefoot a lot in between rides so I can keep his hoof angles the same all of the time, we train some barefoot and with boots. The reason I chose this particular shoe for MONK was for several reasons. The break over or COL - center of articulation is very important to me. I use the shoes with the 2 side clips and the ramped toe. I actually file or grind that area flat. The rear of the shoe is then shaped so there is not a lot of overhang on the sides or rear and use nippers and a hoof file to make those adjustments. The flexibility at the rear of the shoe makes it almost impossible to get stepped off or caught on and the shoe pulled off. Composites with an imbedded nailing plate or other hard inserts don't have that benefit. The optional sole plates work great to keep out unwanted debris and for rocky areas. The different densities are a big plus if you know the terrain you're going to train or race on. The traction is unsurpassable in mud or slick terrain. See photos of the shoes and installation on MONK's FB page at FEI Redhorse."

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Jen Joines/Kiche

I used to do endurance with my paint. We were getting competitive in LDs here in the Pacific South region but I always was getting slightly downgraded in my mare’s gait and attitude at the end of rides. Despite competing in hoof boots for every mile of competition, the vets kept saying “stone bruising, sole tenderness, foot tenderness”. I was baffled. The hoof boots should have prevented all of that! In an act of desperation I decided to look into composites despite not wanting to nail shoes on. I stumbled across Blue Pegasos and decided to give them a shot. It took me 9 months after ordering them to actually put them on my horse’s feet due to a career ending diagnosis. Slowly I was able to bring her back to a level able to do intro rides. I did our first ride back in Feb and once again she came up foot sore. What the heck? During a tack room clean out I found the Blue Pegasos and said “what the heck? Worth a shot”. I only had two so I put them on her front feet. The day the farrier came she was incredibly tender footed, and he really struggled to shoe her because of the tenderness, but the relief was INSTANTANEOUS as soon as the shoe was on and she set her foot down. She let out a huge sigh and dropped her head. Once both shoes were on, the farrier had me walk her out so he could watch her movement. She didn’t walk; she floated in the most gorgeous trot, tail flagged, head held high. She couldn’t have given me stronger signs of approval. She will stay in Blue Pegasos for the rest of her ridden life.